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Catch Hatch Fever
When Peter Walter I began constructing an army of robots, he used whatever source of metal he could find. So it wasn't surprising when his own cast iron stove served as the base for a bronze-laden robot. Experimenting with his highly sensitive blue matter power cores, Walter tweaked the mechanisms on the microscopic level by a minute amount- resulting in one of the cores keeping active a semi-stable rift into what Walter theorized was an alternate dimension.

Walter was able to focus this portal to send anything he wanted through- which for the African War proved useful. The stove-turned-robot was equipped with this technology, a high powered cannon, and a reinforced blue matter repelling hatch to keep it stabilized and relatively safe. In battle, the robot could fire an array of seemingly ceaseless ammo because of the portal-armed cannon. Mortar shells, shrapnel, spears, harpoons, fiery projectiles, and even blue matter energy blasts roared across the battlefield from the robot's unpredictable chest. After the war, the robot was put to use up-keeping Walter manor in San Diego, California for many years. He was fondly referred to, by the Walter family, as “Hatchworth”, on the account that no matter the occasion the robot could always supply a hatch's worth of delicious, mystery sandwiches. The family never questioned from where these enigma eats came from, and it never was a problem until late in 1938.

Today Hatchworth's power core has been repaired and he has been upgraded to include the ability to play musical instruments and sing, which comes in handy since he is the newest member of Steam Powered Giraffe. Hatchworth still likes making mystery sandwiches as well as pretending to ride a bike and reading his copy of Mustache Today when it comes in the mail.

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